Considering Selling Your Kenai House As-Is? Here’s What You Need to Know

Posted by Jason Yeoman // October 15, 2018

Selling Your Kenai House As-Is

Considering Selling Your Kenai House As-Is? Here’s What You Need to Know There’s a lot of work that comes with selling your Kenai house. And, it’s easy to start to wonder if it’s all really necessary. Instead of replacing, repairing, and updating all the different areas of your house, you may be starting to think […]

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7 Ways for Kenai Home Buyers to Save Money For a Big Down Payment

Posted by Jason Yeoman // October 1, 2018

Down Payment

To buy a Kenai house a buyer must have their finances in order.  They need to budget, see how much room they have in their budget for a mortgage, and start saving for a down payment.   Piecing together a large down payment can be a daunting task.  Especially, if the buyer is trying to […]

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Home Buyers: Keep Your Eyes Peeled for THESE at a Kenai Open House

Posted by Jason Yeoman // September 17, 2018

Kenai Open House

Buying a Kenai house is an art form.  It is difficult to see through the beautiful new furniture and freshly painted walls.  Sellers go to great lengths to hide the imperfections of their Kenai house. It is not that they expect the buyers not to learn of them, but the hope is that they will […]

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Kenai Home Selling Advice That Can Actually Hurt

Posted by Jason Yeoman // September 3, 2018

Kenai Home

Every person that has sold a Kenai home will have an opinion on the right way to do it.  As a result, when Kenai homeowners are preparing to sell their home, they are going to come across a lot of advice that may not work out in their favor.  One thing works for a certain […]

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What You Need to Know When Buying a Foreclosed Kenai Home

Posted by Jason Yeoman // August 20, 2018

Foreclosed Kenai Home

If you are buying a home and getting a great deal is important to you, then purchasing a foreclosed Kenai home might be your best option. A foreclosed Kenai home happens when a bank has taken possession of a house because the homeowner was unable to pay the mortgage. Because banks do not want to […]

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Want to Sell Your Kenai Home Fast? Do These Four Things

Posted by Jason Yeoman // August 6, 2018

Sell Your Kenai Home

The process to sell your Kenai home is a lesson in learning how to juggle timing.  You don’t want your home to be one of those that sits on the Kenai market, collecting dust while you imagine your new life that’s waiting for you once it sells.  But you also may not be logistically ready […]

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First-Time Kenai Home Buyers: Don’t Make These Earnest Money Deposit Mistakes

Posted by Jason Yeoman // July 23, 2018

Earnest Money Deposit

First-time Kenai home buyers have heard of a down payment, but many do not know what earnest money deposit is. As a Kenai buyer you will most likely be required to make this deposit so it is important that you understand what it is so you don’t make any mistakes. To help get started, here […]

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How to Uncover a “Motivated” Kenai Seller

Posted by Jason Yeoman // July 9, 2018

Kenai Seller

Not all Kenai sellers are the same. There is a big difference between working with a Kenai seller that is selling because they are considering the benefits compared to a seller that is desperate to be out from under their house. Kenai sellers can be desperate to sell for many reasons including moving, downsizing, financial […]

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How to Make an Estate Sale Work for You

Posted by Jason Yeoman // June 25, 2018

Estate Sale

Inheriting a Kenai house and belongings can be a difficult thing. You are already dealing with the emotions from the death of a loved one and now you have to add in the stress of handling what to do with all of the belongings. That’s where an estate sale can help. What is an estate […]

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Kenai Home Buyers: Watch for These 7 Things That Can Slow Your Closing

Posted by Jason Yeoman // June 11, 2018

Kenai Home Buyers

It’s an exciting time for Kenai home buyers when the offer you made on a house is accepted. If you have spent months looking for the right house, or years saving up for a down payment, it can feel like you reached the end at last. However, it’s really only the beginning of the real […]

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