Home Buyers: Keep Your Eyes Peeled for THESE at a Kenai Open House

Home Buyers: Keep Your Eyes Peeled for THESE at a Kenai Open House

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Kenai Open HouseBuying a Kenai house is an art form.  It is difficult to see through the beautiful new furniture and freshly painted walls.  Sellers go to great lengths to hide the imperfections of their Kenai house. It is not that they expect the buyers not to learn of them, but the hope is that they will already love the home so much they will not care about the problems that come up during an inspection.  

With this in mind, home buyers will want to watch out for these potential issues during a Kenai open house.

Smells Great

A house that has a subtle good smell is expected.  However, one that is so overpowering a buyer can smell the Kenai home before stepping inside is hiding something.  If there are air fresheners around every corner they are probably there to hide a bad smell throughout the house (like smoke).  

Look Down

The floors are a good indication of how well renovations have been completed.  Look for any gaps or problems with items lining up correctly. If the floor has not been done properly the owner has done the renovation themselves.  This could mean that there are other parts of the Kenai house that has the same shoddy craftsmanship.

The Foundation

Making sure the house has a solid foundation is important.  Without a solid foundation, any renovation that is done to the house is not going to make it anymore structurally sound.  It is normal to see tiny cracks in the foundation from settling, however, large cracks could indicate a larger problem.

Monthly and Yearly Maintenance

A home that is a good investment should have seen maintenance completed frequently.  Looking for signs of maintenance problems can be difficult if the homeowner has touched up the house for the Kenai open house.  

However, look for the little things.  The grass is too long if there are any signs of dripping water, and floors or walls that have not been cleaned and maintained recently.

Flood Insurance

Some people like the idea of having water close to their home.  However, it can be a dangerous situation.

The river is beautiful until it is in the backyard ruining the patio.  Ask about the amount the homeowners have paid in flood insurance and check the last time they have needed to make a claim.

Windows That Do Not Work

Windows are an item most people check at a Kenai open house.  They want to see new windows that help to keep utility bills low.  

Yet, few buyers check to see if their windows will open.  Even new windows may have difficulties opening if they were not installed correctly.  This is an expensive problem to fix and brand new windows will need to be installed.

Hiding Problems

Mold is a problem that is not always easy to spot.  It will be in areas that people do not see on a daily basis.  During a Kenai open house, always look near the plumbing to check for any areas that have black spots on them.  If there is any indication of mold it is a problem that may be far larger than simply that one spot.

More Water Issues

Unfortunately, water is a problem with many houses.  Damage from leaky or busted pipes can be hard to fix.  Especially, if the owner has let the problem sit for a long period of time.  Water problems are usually accompanied by a musty smell.


Homeowners are clever with their way they cover up problems.  While problems may still be in plain sight they may hang a painting or throw down a rug or table over a damaged part of the floor.  Any items that look like they have been added as an afterthought are probably there to cover up damage.

Trapped Moisture

A house has to have good ventilation.  Without proper ventilation, the house will have a build up of moisture which can start to damage the walls and ceilings.  Pay attention to the windows and paint to look for any water build up or wrinkling of the paint.

When visiting a Kenai open house, potential buyers need to remain vigilant. Have a list of items that you want to check and be persistent in getting answers that satisfy your questions.

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