How to Uncover a “Motivated” Kenai Seller

How to Uncover a “Motivated” Kenai Seller

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Kenai SellerNot all Kenai sellers are the same. There is a big difference between working with a Kenai seller that is selling because they are considering the benefits compared to a seller that is desperate to be out from under their house.

Kenai sellers can be desperate to sell for many reasons including moving, downsizing, financial problems, or divorce, to name a few. When you find a Kenai seller that is desperate to sell they will be more realistic on the price and most likely want to move quickly.

Here are some of the signs to watch for.

It’s an estate sale

When people inherit a property many times they are looking to sell it because they either have a house of their own or don’t live in the Kenai area where the inherited house is located. They are paying for property taxes and most likely homeowner’s insurance while the house is for sale. That means the faster they are able to sell the Kenai house the more money they will be able to make from the sale.

Inheriting a house usually comes at an emotional time since the seller has just lost someone that they loved, making it a process they don’t want to draw out any longer than they have to.

The Kenai  seller has already moved

If you are looking at a Kenai house and it’s either completely empty or is full of only staged items, you know the seller is not living in the house any longer. That means that they are just continuing to spend money on a place that they are not living in. This can make sellers desperate to get out from under the expense of their Kenai home.

Look in the closets

Closets are a good place to learn about a Kenai seller. If you notice that the closet seems surprisingly bare or that half of the closet is empty, it’s a good sign that the seller is in the process of getting, or recently became, divorced. This could mean the couple or the individual that kept the house is in a hurry to sell.

Another sign to look for in the closets is when they are stuffed to the brim. This could be a sign that the Kenai  homeowners have outgrown the house and are looking to sell so they can get more space. When you have too many people in a tight area it motivates you to want to sell that much faster.

The seller has let the curb appeal go

When a Kenai homeowner is in a situation of distress they lose interest in keeping up with their curb appeal. If you see long grass, out of control flower beds, and trees that are untrimmed, it might mean that the Kenai seller isn’t able to keep up with it. In these cases, they are usually ready to sell the house as fast as they can.

The seller is quick to respond

A seller that doesn’t care about selling their house quickly isn’t necessarily going to respond to inquiries as quickly. However, a Kenai seller that is quick to respond every time is interested in getting their house sold and don’t want to miss an opportunity to find a buyer.

These are things to watch for when trying to find a Kenai seller that is motivated to sell. Don’t forget to pay attention to the listings. There are many times when you can tell from the way the listing is written that the seller is motivated to sell.

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