Want to Sell Your Kenai Home Fast? Do These Four Things

Want to Sell Your Kenai Home Fast? Do These Four Things

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Sell Your Kenai HomeThe process to sell your Kenai home is a lesson in learning how to juggle timing.  You don’t want your home to be one of those that sits on the Kenai market, collecting dust while you imagine your new life that’s waiting for you once it sells.  But you also may not be logistically ready for a lightning quick sale to happen. Neither of those things are 100% in your control once you put your house on the Kenai market, though.

Luckily, there are a few things that are in your control if you know about them.  Understanding these four steps can help you sell your Kenai fast.

  1. Price matters to you and the buyer.

As a Kenai home seller, you want a good deal, but so do the buyers.  The best way to ensure you both are getting one is to price your home at market value or slightly below. In other words, this approach factors in a combination of your home’s appraisal value and what houses like yours in your neighborhood are selling for.

Pricing too high keeps your Kenai house in listings along with other homes that are possibly in better locations or are in nicer condition.  You can keep your home in a lower range and still get a good price by using “house numerology,” which is simply using the number 5 or 9 as the last digit of your sale price, thus keeping within a set price range.

  1.  Use professional photographers for the best impact.  

Believe it or not, better photos can you sell your Kenai home fast. This is why turning this aspect of your home sale over to the pros is a smart financial move.  As a general rule, sellers that use professional photographers to showcase their homes make sales up to 50% faster than amateur photos.

  1.  There is an art to negotiation.  

When a buyer makes an offer, they are usually expecting a counteroffer.  Sellers who are adamant on their price can expect their Kenai homes to sit on the market for a while.  

Even if you set your home’s price at a slightly higher amount than you want to receive, it helps the negotiation process because you can accept a lower price and still make a profit.  The buyer feels like they’re getting a great deal, and you’ve gotten what you wanted as well.

  1.  Be honest.

If there are skeletons hidden in your home’s closet, they are likely going to come out in the sale process.  To avoid this happening right at crunch time when the buyer has pen in hand to sign the contract, lay your cards on the table from the start.

No Kenai home is perfect. But that is understood. Instead of trying to hide these issues, make them known or repair them from the start.

Keep Control of Your Sale

While as a Kenai seller you can never control the buyers, you can do your part to get your home visible to the right market.  Be smart with your pricing, research your market, highlight the best feature’s and be willing to negotiate. Following these tips can set you up for a successful sale!

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