How to Use a Kenai Home Inspection Like a Pro

How to Use a Kenai Home Inspection Like a Pro

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Kenai Home Inspection

How to Use a Kenai Home Inspection Like a Pro

A lot of first-time  Kenai homeowners and buyers do not know what to do with their  Kenai home inspection. The list of problems is a mile long and it is daunting to think about all of the repairs needs.

However, there is typically little to worry about.  It is the inspector’s job to point out every last tiny detail and these can accumulate quickly.  

Before panicking about your Kenai  home inspection talk to the inspector and clarify a few points.

Clarifying Unclear Problems

Homeowners will want to stick around for the Kenai home inspection.  They can help to clarify anything for the inspector that is needed and in turn, they can also ask questions.  

While it is helpful to a homeowner to ask questions as they go, try not to get in the inspector’s way too much.  Allow them to do their job and ask when something is unclear.

A few days after the inspection the report will come back to the homeowner.  This will have the detailed list of the problems found while inspecting the house.  Anything that does not make sense should be clarified. Sometimes inspectors will identify a problem in an area a homeowner has never opened or looked into and they are unfamiliar with the location if it is in an unfinished attic or basement.

What the Big Problems Are

Always ask what problems are most pressing.  It is easy to get focused on cosmetic problems and forget to look at something more serious and hidden – like a foundation that shows signs of cracking.

The inspector will be able to show what problems are minimal and which ones should be addressed first. This can make it much easier for potential buyers to know if the home is worth purchasing or fixing.  

Call In the Professionals

Once the big problems are found always call in the professionals.  Have a plumber, electrician, roofer, or engineer look at the problem areas and give an estimate on the cost to fix them.  This estimate will help a buyer decide if they want to invest in the house before major problems are fixed.

There are times when it can be better for Kenai buyers to ask for a lower price and pay out of pocket to fix the home versus letting the seller do a rough patch job to save money and still have a problem down the road.

Moving In

A homeowner who gets a Kenai home inspection will want to work on major problems right away.  Once those are out of the way the smaller problems can be taken care of.

A buyer who has purchased a house needs to get those major problems fixed before they move in or soon after.  Do not get caught up in moving in and forget about the inspection list. It is there as a guide to maintaining the house to avoid disaster later.

A Kenai home inspection can be a daunting task for both buyers and sellers.  Someone is coming in to judge a home that a buyer is hoping to purchase or they are looking at a homeowner’s house that they plan on staying in.  

Either way, the problems uncovered can be costly and they should be taken care of right away.  However, always check with the inspector to see which problems should be addressed first.

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