Tips for Negotiating on a New Construction Kenai House

Tips for Negotiating on a New Construction Kenai House

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New Construction Kenai House

Imagine moving into a Kenai house where you know everything in it is brand new. No one has ever lived in the house before. No one else’s dishes were ever in the cabinets, bare feet in your shower, or name on the front door. It’s all yours. That’s the benefit of buying a new construction Kenai house—you get brand new everything!

Many people think that going this route is out of their budget because there are no negotiations to be made like when you make an offer to buy a house on the Kenai market. However, while the situation is completely different, you still have options. Here are some things to keep in mind when considering a new construction Kenai house.

1. Don’t focus on the price

If you are working with a contractor and the Kenai house has not been built yet, you may not be able to negotiate on the price. But you can negotiate on the upgrades that are included. You may be able to work in credits for upgrades such as custom cabinets or a higher end flooring.

2. Think like a business

You aren’t buying the Kenai house from a homeowner, you’re buying it from a business. That means this is simply a business transaction in their mind. They aren’t going to be emotional about the transaction and you need to focus on doing the same.

When you are negotiating for business you never want the other side to know your bottom line. The same is true with buying a new construction Kenai house.

3. Find a Kenai house that’s already finished

You may not have the fun of customizing everything to your exact preference, but you still get the benefit of a brand new Kenai house. You can also find a better deal on a house that’s already finished. Once the builder is done working on it they want to be able to move the house off their books and free up their capital.

4. Never overlook the fine print

Every contract for a new construction Kenai house is going to be at least a little different. Make sure you understand exactly what you’re signing. If you are confused on any of it talk to a real estate attorney that can look over the documentation for you to make sure you aren’t missing anything.

5. Keep an eye on the pricing

If there’s a new development going in that you decide to buy into make sure you watch the pricing. Even if you are under contract, if you find out that the price has been dropped, you can reach out to the builder and let them know that you want the lower pricing. Most reputable builders will honor that newer price.

6. Ask about preferred lenders

Many builders will have a list of preferred lenders that you can use to obtain the mortgage loan for your house. This can be an additional way that you can save by using the connection that the builder has.

Remember that as you work on closing the deal for your new construction Kenai house that it never hurts to ask. If you want to see about a free upgrade or a lower price or a better interest rate, just ask. All they can do is say no. If you are having problems getting the builder to come to terms that you can agree with then go find another builder to work with.

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