Essential Steps New Kenai Homeowners Should Take

Essential Steps New Kenai Homeowners Should Take

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Kenai Homeowners

In the flurry of buying a Kenai house, there is little time to think about what to do once the sale is complete.  There is so much to plan to make a sale go off without a hitch that many buyers feel lost once the house is theirs.  

The “after-sale chaos” that is created has many Kenai homeowners pulling out their hair when they go to find something in the new home.  To avoid this frustration, make a note of each of these important actions to take after closing.

Store Documents Safely

There is going to be a lot of paperwork to hold on to after closing.  Kenai homeowners do not want to just put it in a folder and throw it into a pile on the table.  Take these documents and put them into a lockbox, preferably one that is fireproof. Keep them together and organized in case they are needed later.

Make It Official With Companies

The house has finally changed hands!  Now the new Kenai homeowners need to notify the postal service that they will be moving which can now be done online.  Plus, all the new utility companies need to be notified right away of the change. This helps to avoid any problems with services being shut off.

Emergency Preparation

Almost any new homeowner wants to do a few renovations.  Do not get caught off guard by a leaking pipe or worse, a gas leak or problem with the electricity.  Find the shut-off valves and the circuit breakers before starting any projects. Make sure they are easy to turn off and that they function correctly.

New Owner New Keys

Even though most Kenai homeowners alert their loved ones and friends that they are moving sometimes there is someone that they miss.  Always change the locks out and change any passcodes to get into the house. Strangers walking into the home in the middle of the day is a situation to avoid.

Protect Against Disaster

Do not trust that the smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors are up-to-date.  Replace the batteries in all detectors and check if any of them are expired. It is probably the last thing on the mind of the old homeowners and could spell disaster if something were to go wrong.

Double Check The Water

Even though the house should have had an inspection, it is good to look at the water heater.  Note if there are any leaks and always flush the tank after moving in.

Having an idea what the water heater looks like at the beginning of a move will alert the Kenai homeowner to any major changes that could show the tank is failing down the road.

Maintain the Air

Sure, the HVAC system is running. But is it running at top efficiency?  

Always get the HVAC system cleaned out and do general maintenance on it.  Starting this after purchasing the house helps ensure that the bills will be lower and will start a routine of checking the system frequently.

Do Not Move In Yet

If there is time, always clean the house before moving in.  It is much easier to clean a home with no furniture or belongings than it is to work around these large pieces.  A good deep clean will set homeowners up to keep and maintain a clean home once they move in.

Save on Utility Costs

There is a new mortgage payment coming to the budget.  A great way to compensate is to save on utility costs. Start by having an energy audit and fix any problems that may be throwing money out the window.  Adding insulation or simply fixing a few cracks can help decrease bills.

Study the Inspection

Of course, the inspection was referred to before making a purchase.  The house may have passed with flying colors. However, that means it can be better maintained if a schedule is drawn up.  

Take care of all these major appliances and systems by keeping a routine maintenance journal. Use the inspection report to decide if any renovations need to be planned.

Finding New Maintenance Needs

Someone moving from an apartment to a home may not know the various maintenance needs a Kenai home has.  Study the needs of the home to make sure everything is being completed in a timely manner. Ignoring a well-working house only leads to problems down the road.

Welcome to the Neighborhood

People like to know who is coming into their neighborhood.  When moving in there are likely to be many curious neighbors.  Take the time to chat and say hello. They are great resources for any questions a homeowner may have.

Read the Fine Print

Kenai homeowners should have a home warranty.  Many people get one and have no idea what it covers.  Instead of waiting to learn more after something has broken, study up now.  This will make a stressful situation a little easier later if something does break.

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